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This LibGuide is intended to assist students with basic/beginner research skills in the completion of Ms. Williamson's Holiday Activity.








NOT SURE WHERE TO START? You can be try out your own researching skills and start exploring on your own...or you can try Mrs. Frech's suggestions for where to start for this particular assignment.

*****BEFORE YOU EVEN BEGIN***** One of the key aspects of research is finding the right search term. Don't keep trying one word/term if you're not getting the results you are seeking. Look at your teacher's suggestions and also map out optional words/terms/phrases before you begin. Having options and finding the right phrasing is often the difference between a successful search or a great deal of wasted time and frustration. When looking for optional terms, check out some of the awesome search tools like OneLookReverse, or VisuWords, or Soovle or go to the SEARCHING tab above and check out some additional searching tips. 


  • DATABASES: Many teachers require databases over general websites, because databases are subscription sites paid for through the Padua Library that contain academic information that has been peer reviewed and evaluated for authority, accuracy, and currency. For this particular project, you will want to explore the suggested databases found under the "Databases & Websites" tab on this LibGuide (see tabs above).  
  • WEBSITES: Once you check out the databases, you may also want to explore the websites that are specifically suggested on that same page.
  • GOOGLE: Still nothing? Are you sure? If you are, then it might be last resort time and time to check out Google (if your teacher will even accept Googled resources, which many will not). If you opt to Google, stay on the "Databases & Websites" page...but be sure to look at the information about conducting a better Google search when seeking academic resources

2) PRINT & E- RESOURCES:  Depending on your topic, you may find a book (or e-book) right here in the Padua Library. For books and other Padua Library resources, check out the "Padua Library: Padua Library Catalog (Destiny)" tab above. To get the best results, use a Resource List (if one is available for this specific project). If you using the general Catalog Search, be sure put in your term and select "KEYWORD" for the most results possible.


  • Know where you are locating information (websites versus databases). Also, remember to keep a doc containing a breadcrumb trail of your visited sites to assist with location and citation.
  • Know how to access LibGuides & Databases from home (MyPad > Groups > Padua Library)
  • Locate your Database Username & Password chart (MyPad > Groups > Padua Library)
  • Know which databases/websites are best for this project (which can be found under tabs on this page)
  • Know how to navigate key/necessary features of a databases (this is super important...and takes practice)
    • KNOW HOW TO SEND TO GOOGLE DRIVE TO SAVE IT (be sure you understand difference between Save, Download, and Email options so you are correctly saving the info you want).
    • Know how to use the MLA citation tools provided on databases (for your Works Cited page, etc.).
  • Always know that you can stop or email Mrs. Frech if you are having a hard time.







ACCESSING LIBGUIDES: You can access all available LibGuides, Padua Databases, and the Padua Library Catalog both at school and from any place where you have internet access. The LibGuides link and all other required information can be found in MyPad > Groups > Padua Library > Quick Links > LibGuides.

LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR LIBGUIDE? Remember, if you are looking for a particular LibGuide, go into LibGuides and look under the class SUBJECT. 

DATABASE USERNAME & PW REMINDER: Most Padua Databases require PW info, especially if you are off school premises. This access info is private; therefore, it cannot be posted on this site, so you can find this info in MyPad > Groups > Padua Library > Quick Links > Database Usernames & Passwords