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This LibGuide is intended to assist students researching elements in Mrs. Kinsworthy's class (although it will certainly assist any students who are exploring or researching the elements).



This LibGuide will assist students who are exploring and/or researching the chemical elements. 

HELP!! Where do I start?

Use this LibGuide to guide your research.  I suggest you follow the path of the tabs created for you on this specific LibGuide (see the tabs at the top of this LibGuide and realize that each tab is a separate page of information).

  1. Be sure you have needed materials such as the following:  (A) the LibGuides address: (although you can always get to the LibGuides site by going to the following: > Quicklinks > Library > select the LibGuides tab); (B) your teacher's handout/directions for this specific project; (C) the Chart of Database Usernames and Passwords (which were shared with you via gmail and placed in your "Shared with Me" Folder (do a search for "database" on that page if you are having trouble locating that document); and (D) anything else your teacher told you that you might need for this assignment.
  2. Be sure you are familiar with the other tabs created on this LibGuide (view the tabs and be familiar with the information).

HELP AT HOME can access all available LibGuides, the Padua Databases, and the Padua Library Catalog at home as well as at school. Just make sure you have what you need to make that happen, which is the address for Padua's LibGuides:  

OR...go to > Quicklinks (at the top of the page) > Library > (then click on the LibGuides link) 

If you are at home, you must also be sure to have the Chart of Database Usernames and Passwords (see the box above or the database box to the right for more information).

When you first enter the LibGuides site, you are only on the Welcome/Home Page for LibGuides. You then need to look for the particular Guide that you need (look for the list of Guides in the middle of the Welcome/Home Page or under "Subjects"). Once you find the Guide you want, select it.  Everything else is listed on the LibGuide for you.  


In addition to Library resources and internet resources, you will also find many links to quality databases to which Padua subscribes in this LibGuide.  Be sure to read the imporant note below.  (If you need any help, ask Mrs. Frech, the Librarian.)

IMPORTANT USERNAME & PASSWORD INFO:  I cannot legally post usernames and/or passwords for databases on LibGuides; therefore, you need to have the "Chart of Padua Database Usernames & Passwords" to enter any of the databases, which you can obtain through these means:  (1) Check your Google drive "Shared with Me" folder by placing "Database" in the search box feature, (2) or check your gmail (Mrs. Frech has sent you an email notification sharing the document with you), (3) or go see Mrs. Frech in the Padua Library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience any difficulties accessing the listed databases (or any of the linke sites), please inform Mrs. Frech, the Librarian, so she can fix the problem as soon as possible. You can stop up to the Library to let her know...or you can send her an email:


Why should you use a Padua database (instead of Google or the internet in general)?

  • content is academic/scholarly (so for teachers who are requiring academic/scholarly information, databases will provide!)
  • content searches are guided (so you can use "Advanced Searching" features to help you limit or expand your search)
  • content is current and free (but be sure you have the list of addresses and passwords provided by the Padua Library and/or your teacher)
  • content access is direct and right there at your fingertips (so you don't even have to leave your school or your home)
  • content is reviewed for authority and accuracy (so you know you have quality information that comes complete with authors and publication dates as well as full citation information)

With all of that in mind, there are also many helpful academic sources provided in this LibGuide.  Be sure to browse those as well.  Always remember that .edu, .gov, .org are more reliable than .com sources.  While these may be more reliable sites, you should really look at any and all websites with a discerning eye.  

If you are having difficulty with your search, perhaps you are not effectively searching.  You may want to check out the "Searching Tips" page.  One of the best skills you can learn is where to find quality information so you are not wasting time or resources.  The LibGuide is intended to help you improve on that skill by guiding you to quality sources.  Let the researching begin!!

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