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This LibGuide is intended to guide students in their research for Mrs. Giulivo's Middle East Research Assignment - Israeli vs. Palestinian Conflict.



  • SEARCHING: Be patient while trying to find the search navigation on any website or database page. It's there, but sometimes it's not easy to find (shame on them for that!!!!). So get your detective on...and find that search box!!! As for your term, that is half of the battle. Work on alternate terms or ways to word your search. Use Google as a tool for viewing alternate terms/wording.
  • PRINTING: It's often easier to copy & paste articles into your Google Drive instead of printing directly from the site (plus it often saves paper). So think of the best way to save & print your articles (and remember to include the URL so you can always get back to the article).
  • DATABASES: Remember, if you are using Padua provided databases (like Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context), you'll need usernames & passwords if you try to access them at home, which is why I gmail these to you each semester. So look for a gmail from Mrs. Frech in your mail.


1) Try the DATABASES & WEBSITES: Specifically for This Project tab above (especially Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context...and (which will be a hit or miss, since they have a defined list of covered topics)...and (hint: to find the search tab for go to > Debates tab (or Polls, etc. tab) > and search under that specific area. Do not use the general search box on the HOME page)).

2) If you're not having luck there, try NEWS: Newspapers & Current Events Sites tab above.

3) If you must resort to Google, try a BETTER Google search (narrow your search by using quotation marks, look at the suggested wording under your term while you're typing, and give a try to .edu, .org, and .gov first before .com sites). For example, type the following into your Google search box: "State of the Union Address" .edu .org .gov (f you have no luck, eliminate the .edu .org and .gov part and try again).

4) Depending on your topic, you may also want to try the DATABASES: All Padua Databases tab above (especially recommended is Gale's PowerSearch).

5) Still no luck...try any of the other many choices on this LibGuide...or stop by to see Mrs. Frech.


  • Remember to keep a doc containing a breadcrumb trail of your visited sites, etc. to assist with location and citation.
  • You can access LibGuides & Databases from home (see "Help at Home" below).
  • Locate your Database Username & Password chart (it was gmailed to you/shared with you).
  • Always know that you can stop up in the Library or email Mrs. Frech if you need assistance.