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This guide is to assist students in Mr. Larson's AP ENG class in finding resources while researching for their Shakespeare composition papers & projects (Macbeth, Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, etc.).



NOT SURE WHERE TO START? You can dive right in and use your own researching skills to start exploring on your can try these suggestions for where to start for this particular assignment.

1) Mr. Larson's Resources: Mr. Larson provides specified resources for this project. Depending on the year, he will either keep them in his own classroom or in the Padua Library. Check with Mr. Larson for more info.

2) Print Resources: There are a number of Library print resources (books) available for this project. Mr. Larson will either request these for his classroom or he will request that they be kept in the Library. Check with Mr. Larson for more info.  

3) Databases & Websites: For academic resources, it is always advisable to check out available databases. Keep in mind that many teachers will require databases over general websites, because databases are paid subscription sites that contain academic information that has been peer reviewed and evaluated for authority, accuracy, and currency (check with Mr. Larson for his requirements). For most Shakespeare topics, I would suggest the following (refer to your LibGuide for Database links):

  • First, I would highly suggest  the Gale Databases (these are a Padua student favorite).
  • It may also be worth your while to check out the suggested INFOhio Databases (be sure to click "OPEN" when you first go on this page).
  • Then I would explore the additional free academic databases and suggested Websites provided (follow the LibGuide tabs).


  • Remember to keep a doc containing a breadcrumb trail of your visited sites, etc. to assist with location and citation.
  • You can access LibGuides & Databases from anywhere (go through MyPad > Groups > Padua Library > Quicklinks).
  • You often need Usernames & Passwords for databases, which you can access via MyPad > Groups > Padua Library > Quicklinks.
  • Know how to "copy" any information for resources that you cannot check out of the Padua Library (see recommendation below).
  • Always know that you can stop up in the Library or email Mrs. Frech if you need assistance. Happy researching!!!