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This LibGuide is intended to assist students who are selecting and reading an approved book for their MedTrack Mock "Personal College Essay" Assignment.

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The MedTrack Reading Collection

Stop up to the Padua Library to check out available books in a special section marked "The MedTrack Collection."  IMPORTANT:  You should also make sure that the book you select is on the "approved list" by checking the Reading Resource List (use the tab above for specific directions on how to access a Reading Resource List). 

MedTrack Mock "Personal College Essay" Assignment

Use the link below to access this year's copy of the directions for the Mock "Personal College Essay" Assignment (provided by Mrs. Grabowski).

Making Your Book Selection...

Be sure you select a book that interests you, because there are so many great choices!!  Using the Reading Resource List created for this project will help you see approved book selections that are available at the Padua Library.  For more information, go to tab above labeled "How To Access Reading Resource Lists in Destiny."  When you find the book you want to read, be sure you check-out the book with Mrs. Frech in the Library.  Padua books can be loaned for three weeks with an option for renewal.  All you need to check-out a book is your Padua ID (or some other form of picture ID).  Happy reading!